By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.
-Edwin Elliot


I'm Annslee and welcome to my site. I am a student at Texas State University and plan to graduate December 2017. After I graduate, I plan to be a wedding planner and be able to travel all over the world to help create beautiful memories for couples every where. Beginning in September, I will start an internship with Memory Lane Event Center where I will have the oppurtunity to shadow wedding events, assist the floral department, and be apart of the Memory Lane family!

Outside of work and school, I have a beautiful family, two dogs and loving boyfriend, who complete my world. My boyfriend and I love to adventure and bring our dogs along for new experiences. We have traveled all over the San Marcos and Austin area finding new hiking trails and parks to explore. I have a boxer mix pit bull puppy named Jax and a husky mix german shepard named Kai. I hope to be able to travel all around the states with my family to explore all what our beautiful country has to offer.

What I've been working on...

My own website

Check out to see the first website I created from my Web Design and Publishing class at Texas State.

My fitness page

I have created my own fitness page with tips and tricks on how to start living a healthier lifestyle. You can keep up with my progress at


You can also check out my YouTube videos I created with iMovie during my Web Design and Publishing class. See the editing I did for my technology movie and my dog movie.

My Dog Blog

I have such love for my dogs and decided to create a blog for all the dogs! Check out this dog blog for info on adopting shelter dogs or how you can help your four legged friends in need of a home.

Thankful for friends and family who make my life complete. Cheers to great company and unforgettable memories.